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Today’s Plan forms the basis of our online coaching platform. It enables us to communicate on all levels about your training and upcoming events.

Complete the Contact Form below and sign the Terms of Service document and send to us via email. We will then set up a time with you to have a chat, learn all about you and get you started.

Our chat will enable us to determine your athletic goals, understand any previous injuries and history, discuss current fitness levels and teach you the basics of how to use Today’s Plan.

Pricing Summary:

 Initial review of Athlete Set-Up Form and a run through of Today’s Plan software – free of charge.

Individual training program for cyclists / single discipline athletes  – $45 per week. 

Individual training program for triathletes  – $60 per week.

Today’s Plan web based software (online subscription paid directly by the athlete, monthly or annually) – $145 PA  which is only $2.80 PW.