At Watts Up Coaching we know that there are many different reasons for seeking out a professional coach.

You may be a professional racer who needs an extra edge to find more pace and endurance, or maybe an amateur looking to make the next step in racing at club level. We also know that you might not be interested in competition at all, and are looking for a training program that fits in with your lifestyle whilst at the same time improves your skills and increases your overall health and fitness.

We believe that everyone, no matter what skill level or ambition, benefits from a personalised and structured training program that helps them reach their own personal goals. At Watts Up Coaching, we’ll work with you on what you want to achieve, and help you get there.

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“A coach can be the most qualified, but unless the are gifted or the task it can all be in vain” Stef Kirsch has definitely got a gift for the task with good clear communication skills, approachability, ability to plan training programs that challenge the athlete and a professional demeanour second to none.

I undertook coaching with Stef six months ago, skeptical about being able to improve. Now six months on Stef’s coaching is paying dividends. I’m a stronger rider (still under construction), with increased power output, have lost weight naturally, and am now setting goals for events that were simply not even on my radar six months ago.

….. I say the proof is on the podium!

Thank you Stef

Pam Vandersluys, masters cyclist

I have been coached by Stef for a couple of years now. With his help I have found my form of old and I am really enjoying being super competitive again.

Justin Hogan, State ITT VVCC Age Group Champion 2017, 2018. Masters Vic Titles Age Group ITT 2nd 2018, National Age Group ITT 4th 2018, National Age Group TTT 2nd, 2018.

I started with Stef Just over a year ago with the mission of being the best rider I can be. Through Stef’s guidance and tutorlage I am well ahead of where I could of ever hoped to be, he has been instrumental in me exceeding all of my own personal expectations. Most importantly he has not just helped me become a better rider, but also become the best version of my self in all aspects of life! Stef has passion, experience and knowledge and will no doubt have you on your way to achieving your goals! His patience and understanding has been amazing and allow me to make positive and healthy decisions with out any pressure! Supercoach!

Tim Okraglik

From a chance meeting while riding in Phillip Island which saw Stef (literally) pushing me up a hill to 12 months later a 2019 Age Group 70.3 World Championship Qualification,  you would have to say that our professional relationship has been a successful one.  Stef is a knowledgeable, passionate and caring coach and all of those are just as important to me as the race day performance.  My personal/work situation is a little different and Stef is continually adapting my program to suit my needs.  We work as a team.  I am truly grateful that Stef and I crossed paths and that he is my coach.  I am also lucky enough to now call him my friend

Amanda Thompson

Stef has helped me on the comeback trail from chronic injury. He has structured a program designed to get me back training while minimizing the chance of the injury coming back which is tracking very well so far. One half marathon done and dusted last month with a half ironman in my sights now.

Annie Jones
Stef has been my coach for over 2 years.
He has kept me motivated all year round with his structured training plans and feedback.
My improvement in both strength and speed  has been steady and is noticeable when I’m either racing or riding with friends.
Maurice Bando